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Are you aware of the need for bone grafting procedures? Bone grafts consist of treatments that are designed to help strengthen your jaw bone. If your jaw bone is too weak or frail, your implant will also fail. This is because dental implants are directly attached to your jawbone when needed. If you are missing any teeth and wish to replace them with a dental implant, make sure your jawbone is strong enough through the use of a bone graft.

In order to ensure your smile can continue to thrive, always replace any missing teeth you may have. If you have spoken with your Dentist about the use of a dental implant, it is important to first determine if a bone grafting treatment is required. Ideally, bone grafts are used if your jaw bone is too weak or frail and if it cannot hold an implant in place for many years to come. However, bone grafting treatments do take time as they will require months to heal before an implant is ready to be placed. Bone grafting procedures can remove a bone from one section of your body or even apply special bone grafting materials to your jawbone as needed. Bone grafts are even capable of improving periodontal dentistry treatments.

To upgrade your smile with bone grafting treatments, you are welcome to schedule a visit with our Dentist in Scarsdale, New York. Dr. Robert Horowitz and our team will explain the treatment further. Please call our office at 914-529-4136 to schedule a visit.