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A common yet serious disease that typically affects those individuals who neglect their daily brushing and flossing habits is periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease. Gum disease is categorized by an infection in your gum tissue that if left unchecked, will result in tooth failure. However, gum disease can be prevented.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with gum disease prevention. The key to understanding and spotting gum disease includes the following:

– Steer clear of dry mouth symptoms caused by some foods and medications.
– Don’t ignore signs of poor oral hygiene and improper or neglected oral health care routines.
– Look for gums that bleed easily or are tremendously sensitive to the touch.
– Slide and wiggle your teeth to check and see if they are wobbly or loose.
– Have you ever smoke or use drugs, both of which put you at an elevated risk for gum disease?
– Look for halitosis signs that keep returning.
– Search for signs that your gums are curling back away from teeth.
– Be mindful of excessively red, swollen, bruised, or bleeding gums.

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