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The general health of your gums weighs heavily with the long-term health of your teeth. Periodontal health problems such as gingivitis and other forms of gum disease can even start to affect your overall quality of life.

Gum disease is often related to poor oral hygiene habits that allow hardened tartar to accumulate on your teeth near the gumline. Early signs of gingivitis typically include gums that bleed easily and look inflamed as well as persistent problems with bad breath.

If you have a periodontal health concern, it’s best to schedule an appointment with a Dentist like Dr. Robert Horowitz.

If it’s caught in a relatively short amount of time he might be able to remediate gingivitis symptoms with a thorough dental cleaning or another outpatient treatment that will remove all traces of hardened tartar from your teeth. This is an important first step in reducing periodontal inflammation by eliminating the bulk of the bacterial presence.

At that point you will need to apply increased focus in your daily oral hygiene practices to prevent the gingivitis from redeveloping. It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth each morning and night with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

Remembering to floss at least once each day is also critical for preventing gingivitis. It’s important to clear away plaque and residual food material from between your teeth as well as along the gumline and behind each of your rear molars.

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