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One of the technologies featured at our practice are surgical operating microscopes. These devices allow our periodontist to provide you with more precise treatments and better quality results following your procedure. To learn more about surgical operating microscopes in Scarsdale, New York, and to make your appointment with Dr. Robert Horowitz, call us today at 914-529-4136.

Dental Operative Microscopes (DOM), or dental surgical microscopes, make it easy for our dental professionals to provide quality treatments to improve your oral health and smile. During surgery, they allow our periodontist to maintain a comfortable position and focus on your oral health needs. Surgical operating microscopes magnify and illuminate your mouth so that we can see clearly where the problems in your mouth are and provide appropriate treatment at those sites. Many microscopes offer a series of steps of magnification so that we can look as closely as we need at your mouth.

Using a surgical operating microscope, our doctor can minimize the size of the surgical site, reducing your discomfort during your procedure as well as your healing time following it. This technology also helps us more closely inspect areas of your mouth when planning implant placement surgeries, and give us more precise control over other tools, such as lasers, while performing your procedure.

For more information about the benefits of surgical operating microscopes and to make your appointment with our periodontist, please contact our practice.